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Benefits of Tenant Representation

I watched Michael Bull of Bull Realty present the Top 10 Strategies every tenant needs to know to make the right move. His explanation of Tenant Representation is right on the money.

Whether in Winnipeg or elsewhere, when companies face the question of relocating they have to make a multitude of complicated decisions. Whether it’s a large move or a small move, evaluating alternative space options remains the same; a complicated, painstaking and time-consuming process. Small and mid-size companies often are inexperienced when it comes to leasing office space. Before facing any of these issues, companies must decide one essential question before all the others – whether or not to use the services of an office-leasing specialist? Michael’s video explains the benefits very well.

Tenant Representation by BANFIELD GROUP helps company executives immensely with finding the right space and securing the right terms. Most Fortune 1000 corporations utilize Tenant Representation services in their relocation searches and during lease renewal negotiations.

Tenants that retain BANFIELD GROUP level the playing field between the landlord and tenant by giving their clients access to all critical market information necessary to make informed office leasing decisions.

BANFIELD GROUP provides a number of useful financial reports: evaluation of free rent, tenant improvement costs that go beyond standard building allowances, parking charges, operating expense calculations and discounted cash-flow analyses of various alternatives.

With the experience of BANFIELD GROUP behind them, tenants learn what space options are available to them and what specific landlords are willing to do in terms of rent, terms, concessions, what clauses landlords are willing to live without, and a host of other factors.

Most decision-makers do not have the luxury of devoting substantial portions of their time to a successful office relocation or renewal. BANFIELD GROUP does all the information gathering and financial analysis, saving you valuable time that could be devoted to other important responsibilities.

Developers and Landlords know that tenants represented by BANFIELD GROUP are well informed and aware of competing buildings and can switch negotiations if transactions do not proceed smoothly. This alone can save tenants substantial amounts of time and money.

The bottom-line is that an improperly negotiated lease contract can have long-term devastating effects on tenants. BANFIELD GROUP understands the needs and requirements of tenants and landlords and uses this knowledge to achieve well thought through results.  Watch Michael’s video & ask yourself if you can really afford not to utilize this valuable service? By the way, nine times out of ten, our services are paid for by the successful landlord!!!