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What is meant by Market Inducements in regard to Commercial Real Estate


Landlord’s often provide inducements to tenants to move into or renew their lease. Inducements are generally very lucrative and a great way for both Tenants and Landlords to reach a deal.

Inducements will vary depending on the type of Real Estate being considered. (Retail, Office, Industrial) and the term of the lease being contemplated.

The best way for Tenants to know what inducements are available to them is to engage a Commercial Realtor who practices in the area of Commercial Real Estate they are interested in. (E.g. Office Properties, Industrial, Retail, etc). BANFIELD GROUP are your best choice to know you’ve secured the right inducements for your business.

Inducements in Commercial Real Estate are always valued in the “tens of thousands” in dollar terms, so Tenants will always be well served by being represented by an experienced Commercial Realtor.