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How do I obtain an Occupancy Permit?


The Building Occupancy Permit is one mechanism used by the City of Winnipeg to assist in establishing and maintaining control over building standards. It helps ensure that work, for which a Building Permit has been issued, has been completed in accordance with the terms of the permit and is consistent with the applicable regulations. As a public document, the Occupancy Permit also indicates to the general public the terms and nature of the occupancy permission. BANFIELD GROUP is a great conduit to the experts you’ll require to secure your occupancy permit including interior designers, architects, engineers & general contractors.

Obtaining an occupancy permit is a process that can be broken down in two main parts. The first is plan submission and approval, and the second is inspections. In the first part the applicant puts together an application package and submits it to a Permit Technician in the Zoning and Permits Branch located in Unit 31, 30 Fort Street. (For submission requirements, contact the branch at 204-986-5140).

The submission is distributed to various parties to review, when they are satisfied the proposal complies with all applicable regulations, a building permit can be paid for and picked up. This enables the applicant to commence the needed construction work.

Upon substantial completion, the applicant submits a request form to the Occupancy Permit Clerk to trigger occupancy related inspections. In cases where the proposed use has been previously established and no additional work requiring a permit is proposed/required, occupancy inspections can be requested right after payment for the permit has been processed. Once all required disciplines have completed their inspections, a written decision is sent to the applicant. Occupancy is either approved on interim basis or as a final approval. If there are deficiencies of more serious nature, a denial letter is sent out instead.